Introduction (English)

Hello! Welcome to our website.

We are the group called ‘Hanmoto-Hitori’

Mainly we are publishing the FANZINE about food and military stuff. Most of our members are usually working at the publishing industry as a writer or an editor.

Recently we are putting a great deal of making a FANZINE about the ‘Mabo tofu Sauce’. The Mabo tofu is the spicy Chinese Shisen cuisine. If you would like to cook the Mabo tofu, you need to fry the minced meat and some spices (e.g. Chili, Chinese seasoning) and simmer it with tofu and chicken stock powder. It might not be easy.

The ‘Mabo tofu Sauce’ is the Ready-to-Eat instant stuff that you can cook the Mabo tofu easily.

In Japan, the ‘Mabo tofu Sauce’ is the really popular rather than that in China, the home place of the Mabo tofu. We are focused on it and comparing lots of the ‘Mabo tofu Sauce’ to make the FANZINE about the ‘Mabo tofu Sauce’.

Fortunately, the FANZINE is getting more popular and we have got more chance to talk about the ‘Mabo tofu Sauce’ for the TV or radio programme.

In addition to the FANZINE about the ‘Mabo tofu sauce’, we have been publishing the FANZINEs about:

-The Tartar sauce (Food)

-The reprinted edition about the historical documents for study for the tactics of the old Japanese army (Military)

-The manual book based on the historical fact for the game & animation called ‘Kantai Collection’ (Military)

-The guide for the traditional Japanese style pub called ‘Kakuuchi’ (Food)

Unfortunately you might feel it is not easy for you to read as all of our FANZINEs are written in Japanese and the number of the paints and the photos are quite few. However if you are interested in it, look at them and enjoy our FANZINEs!

We accept any questions (even the fan letter)

Feel free to mail to hanmoto1[atmark]

*We need take enough time to reply in English.